The Cloghane/Brandon area has a wide selection of walks from the easy to the very difficult. The Dingle Way passes through the area. Safety information here on mountain walking - Kerry Mountain Rescue Check out some Walking Tour Operators

Here are some of the walks to be enjoyed, these should be taken as rough guides only :- 

 Sauce Creek --  Superb View of Sea and Mountains.  

Map: OS Sheet 70 & 1:25K for Dingle Peninsula  Distance: 14K Duration: 5.5 hours - Height gain: 450m  Max height: 401m Rating: 

Route: Car Park at Ballyquinn (Q523143) - North West along beach to Brandon pier - North along road to Brandon Point - over stile, then West uphill towards  An Buaicin - along Dingle Way to Sauce Creek - West to Spot Height 401 - South to intercept the Dingle Way - East along the Way to Teer - back along road to car park.  

Mullaghveal to MasatiompainWalk the Brandon range from East to West taking in Brandon Mountain (7th highest peak in Ireland) as well as a number of other spectacular peaks and a breathtaking arete, ending up overlooking Sauce Creek and the Atlantic

Map: OS Sheet 70 & 1:25K for Dingle Peninsula Distance: 14.5K  Duration: 7 hours Height gain: 1,100m  Max height: 952m Rating:

Route:  Mullaghveal - Spot 397 (coll) - Gearhane  - Brandon Peak - Brandon Mountain - Masatiompain - Teer

Walk from Cloghane (adds 6 K to distance) or get a lift to the end of the road at Q470069. Pass through gate and follow rough road to zig zag up to the coll (397), up fairly steep spur to Folach Na Marbh (623), across and steeply up to An Géarán (803), easy walk across to Barr an Ghéaráin (840),  spectacular arete (thin ridge) across to Droim na Muice, steep ascent to Brandon Mountain (952), circle across to top of Faha Ridge (891), straighforward decent to Piaras Mór, option to quit to the East via Dingle Way or steeply up to Más an Tiompáin, proceed steeply down to North East to pick up start of road at Q480151, then way East along road to Teer (this stretch is a private road with no through traffic). 

Brandon Mountain to Connor PassWalk the Brandon range from West to East taking in Brandon Mountain (7th highest peak in Ireland) as wall as a number of other spectacular peaks and one very impressive one.

Map: OS Sheet 70 & 1:25K for Dingle Peninsula - Distance: 19K  Duration: 8 hours - Height gain: 1,100m  Max height: 952m Rating: 

Route: Faha - Brandon Mountain - Brandon Peak - Gearhane - Mullaghveal - Ballysitteragh - Beennabrack - Connor Hill

Leave the road at Q493119, head up along the track past the grotto, follow the trail to the South West below the Faha ridge and up towards the Pater Noster Lakes on the Owenmore River, above the highest lake the track brings you up over steep ground to arrive at Spot Height 891, turn roughly Southwards to skirt the  cliffs over to Brandon Mountain. Follow the ridge over to Brandon Peak, the track keeps you below the highest   ground  and often out of the wind. The ridge between Brandon Peak and Gearhane is spectacular, you can then follow the SW spur down as far as the coll at spot 397

Stradbally Mountain and Beenoskee - 

Map: OS Sheet 70 & 1:25K Distance: 18K  Duration: 7 .5 hours Height gain: 900m   Max height: 826m Rating:

Route: Stradbally - 2K along road to East - 2K along forest road - top of Stradbally Mountain - Beenoskee - an Com Ban -  contoured back around Beenoskee & Stradbally Mountain - downhill around forest - short L shaped road to  Stradbally.

We did this walk in January 2011 and the ground towards the tops of the hills was frozen. Generally the going was easy enough but we arrived at a fence running directly across  the land just before an Com Ban, this was a solid fence and quite high with barbed wire on top. So that hill seems out of bounds, it is quite feasible to return the way you came or you could traverse the slopes back as outlined above. If traversing, you will come across a series of gullies running down the slopes of Beenoskee, head directly downhill when you encounter these, then contour again to the North East further downhill.

Glennahoo and MaghanaboeVisit remains of an ancient fortified settlement and take in spectacular views of Stradbally Mountain and up towards the Connor Pass. 

Map: OS Sheet 70 & 1:25K for Dingle Peninsula Distance: 13K  Duration: 5.5 hours  Height gain: 550m   Max height: 474m Rating:

Route: Scraganne (549107) - Glenahoo (Gleann na Huamha) - Spots 396, 313, 445, 364 - Beenbo (Gob an Iolar)- Ballyduff (An Baile Dubh) - Scraganne

Green road up to the ruins, then uphill to cross the river and turn SW for Beenbo. Then wet, featureless ground above Glennahoo valley, passing South of Beenbo to pick up bog road for Ballyduff.  Follow the bog road down to Ballyduff.  Pass through a gate on the laneway at Q539094 and proceed along lane to the graveyard. Pass on to join the road and walk along road back to start.

Fermoyle Beach & the MaghereesWonderful beach walks. 

Map: OS Sheet 70 (& Sheet 71 for the Magherees)  Distance: 3.5K  Duration: 1 hour  Height gain: 0m   Max height: 0m  Rating:

Route 1: Car Park at Fermoyle Beach (Q548122) - West along the beach - around the headland (Ceann Duimhche) -  back in an South Easterly direction along the back beach - through arched gateway - left along road back to car park  

Route 2: North East along Fermoyle  Beach towards the Magherees peninsula, follow the waymarked way around Scraggane Bay and then South along the coast to arrive at Castlegregory 




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